• RIGOR IURIS is a group of professionals with great experience, in legal matters as well as within the professional world. We offer our clients the adequate technical and legal resources, first, avoiding the need for a legal conflict through permanent preventative legal advice; later with the defence of disputes in cases which are unavoidable; and finally for any kind of petitions, claims and denouncements within our capacity as well as any kind of legal anxieties or other.

In this way, the development of our work covers all legal areas.

• Our Company’s team of lawyers, especially our coordinator, has been versed in the most aggressive areas of law from employment, through to the administrative and penal, establishing major attention and knowledge in the area of civil litigation, both for individuals as well as corporate. This has been achieved with a preventative assessment of marked character, that evaluates and analyses the probabilities of conflict at individual levels, and within this a special interest and dedication to the resolving of issues on friendly terms, opposing stale disputes.  Last but not least, the necessary but selective resort to legal intervention in the defence of the client’s interests before the jurisdiction in all and each one of its law suits, until the full completion of the sentences.
All this, under the perspective and astuteness of our Legal Rigor.

Our particular identity seal “RiGoR IuRiS” offers quality in our work and service, aiding the client in such a way that he never feels deserted, ignored or uninformed, achieving together the defence of the client’s interests, and helps the client understand the legal jargon and necessary notions and application of Spanish law for the case. We expect that through the defence of your interests, our assessments permit you to have the basic legal-based baggage to interact with better prudence within legal traffic. In total with an attitude of innovative interaction.

• Our experience in solving legal disputes is ample, some in professional areas, but others are of an eminently personal origin, that were taken care of before reaching the point of a court hearing.
It is enough to mention, as a simple example, our work in mediating within family matters and inheritance, or our persistence in defending a cause further a field than a simple court case, without conforming to the result, aiding the parties to achieve a better solution to their problems; an agreement that no authority imposes.

• Neither have we held back in taking legal decisions, a resoluteness that does not impede opening ones vision to an accepted decent solution. We hope to achieve that justice is not only raised in the Tribunals, but that they are just one of the places where it is found, and on occasion are more unsatisfactory if not more profound. Only the person in question with real necessity will search further for the solution to the problem that motivates them. Our legal vision has an inevitable sociological component that attempts to emanate the symbolic image of the Goddess of Justice.

The detail of a case, the involvement of a client when testifying, or transmitting his own story, are tools that permit the opening of the case, and facilitates exploring until the true solution is disclosed, and not simply the appearance of truth (verisimilitude), that according to studies of Philosophy of Law, the sentences the Justice Tribunals offer.
This does not mean that Tribunals are not necessary, and their work only covers a determined social area, but Justice does not always arrive through them, and is found in what is judged, that changes into deciding entities, providing imperfection and delays of formal Justice.
However, a Tribunal constitutes a useful experience if one knows how to administrate it, since the abuse could have a counter-effective result, unless it is an irreversible case.

• The work of the professional of law’s domain is the key to all conflict, the key to the deciphering of all enigmas, as a door of access to social peace, and because of this our exemplified work contributes to the socialization of the citizen-client.
We don’t refuse this responsibility and take it on with dignity and respect both before and after.