• We try to occupy a minimum space in the baggage of our clients, however, space enough to make a direct interrelation available between “RIGOR IURIS” and our clients, to form a new identity, that, aware of the risks in socio-juridical relations, protects and supports the client within the legal traffic.
The premise that guides these values, as a new identity is “prevention, objectivity and preparation avoids in the majority of cases the development of conflict that degenerates in legal controversy”.
To avoid this pre- and extra-judicial advice offers, assesses and liberates the client from the temptation of taking winding roads that implicate difficult returns.  Our experience, clearly and objectively impedes his fall and relapse.

• At the same time, this pre-judicial preparation (as any proceeding before the Tribunal) serves if not to solve the root of the problem, at least to constitute the necessary test that permits facing the complicated inter-judicial from a position of greater control and imposition. We must not forget that Justice is imparted by people, and as such are imperfect, so our pre- and extra-judicial work will be directed also in endeavouring to extenuate and minimize the possible effects of a precipitated established outcome of the case in question, that can complicate the judges work.
We understand that our work is limited to the possible, and to remove any minimum expression of uncertainty that exists in all legal processes, to reduce cases of resolutions and decisions removed from logic and common sense. To deny reality is to escape the intention of our company, since, it is on this understanding our work is most solid, firm and capable of outdoing any obstacle that puts itself in the way of our client.

• Professional legal advice is crucial within the rights of hereditary economic relations of individuals, and in relation to public and private entities, precisely to deter them before the start of any probable hostilities.
This area of advice fits to perfection in our rigorous legal labours, and needs clients who are aware of the importance of the legal component in all they embark on. The acquisition of properties, its previous transfer or cessation to a third, requires solid legal support that not only analyses, but also makes a client feel secure, and discharged or alleviated from the pressure and tension that such an operation of this personal type can bring with it.