As Law professionals dedicated for years to landlord community services, with internal know-how, the next natural step was to develop and our relationship with these groups to serve them within their daily incidents.


In this respect the services of the administration of finca’s and communities, among others, comprise of the following:

- General advice for the Community relating to and regulated, by the Horizontal Property Law, and its development and daily application, with special dedication to the defence of the structure and aesthetics of the Community.


Likewiseness with more details:

- Advice and information in English and Spanish.
- Custodian of Community documentation.
- Letter of convocation and assistance for Board meetings of the Community, with the writing of minutes and later distribution to all owners.
-   Community accounts.
-   Periodical meetings between the Board of Directors and the Administrator between the Directors Board and the Administrator.
-   Periodical meetings to the Community attending all the necessary details of the same.
- Supervision of maintenance staff and the results of recommended responsibilities.
-   Persecution of unpaid bills of tardy owners, by means of a punctual follow up, permanent and personalized as befits each case, with the objective of guaranteeing the payments before legal claims.
-   Rigorous gestation of bill charging to proprietors, either monthly, or three monthly.
-   Gestation and discharge of fiscal duty of payments, both to the personnel of the Community, as well as contractors of all kinds of services and provisions, with the intention of improving the contractor’s services for the same price or less.
-   Interaction and contact with the Municipal council, with personal applications and obtaining permits, authorizations and/or licences for installations and community work, as well as in case of inspections.
- Link and coordination of work that is recommended or entrusted to other professionals.